Wood Wick Candle Care


Let the candle breathe

To get the best burn: Soy Happy wood wick soy candles are made from natural resources and, because of this, the wick functions like any wood used in a campfire or fireplace. It burns brightest in a well-ventilated room and thrives on oxygen. We suggest placing it by an open window, but avoid drafts!

Why does my candle colour look different after burning?

Once the wax has been melted, the texture may alter due to the essential oils and natural wood wick staining, this is normal.

How to light the candle

The wick should be lit from the bottom – where the wick meets the wax. If it goes out after the first light, don’t worry, it just needs encouragement from the second lighting. Try not to move the candle once it has been lit.

Why does my candle not burn to the edges?

To ensure you get the best burn experience from your wood wick candle burn the candle for 2-3 hours to let the candle melt across the entire surface to the edge of the glass.

All candles have a memory and if you don’t burn them correctly each time, you will reduce the life of your candle and cause tunnelling.

How can I control the flame size of my wood wick?

Do not burn for longer than 4 hours as the flame can get quite large. If you find that the flame is too large for your personal taste, please wait until wax becomes solid and only trim excess burnt wick by gently breaking it off. This is not recommended as this can make your candle hard to re-light.