Candle Refill Service

Refill Service

We are located in the Western Suburbs, Altona Meadows.

Are you looking to re-purpose your beloved jar, vessel, mug?

We proudly encourage a sustainable of refilling any size and shape of vessel you have lovingly kept to reuse! We know that you have the intention of contributing to a sustainable world we share.

We have over 40 delicious scents available to choose from and more upon request.

Each vessel will return home to you with a signature Soy Happy wooden wick or cotton wick if you chose so. 

Please see below for an order form, or message us via Instagram from an instant response.

How it works:

Do your vessels need cleaning?
Yes - $5 together
No - I cleaned them myself

Do you need to organise postage?
Yes - $10
Instructions: Please pack the vessels safely so prevent breakages during transit. Please measure the box dimensions and weight of box so that we can send you a shipping label. A courier will come to collect the following day (or your specified date).
No – I will drop off and collect

Size options are:
Mini < 100ml $5
Small < 150ml $10
Medium 150ml – 250ml $15
Large 250ml – 300ml $25
Extra Large 300ml – 450ml $30
Jumbo > 450ml $40

All candles will return to you with a Soy Happy signature wooden wick or a cotton wick that is suitable for the best burn.

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